Carlsen Baltic uses eutectic refrigeration systems which is much more efficient and environmentally friendly way of delivering refrigerated goods compared to diesel systems. Our system is charged during the night using electric power from the mains supply. No additional energy is needed during the day regardless of outside temperature and door openings. System is harmless to the environment and simple to maintain.

Is it really so efficient?

Make sure yourself, enter current electricity and diesel price to compare the cooling systems.


Is it really so efficient?

Make sure yourself, input current electricity and diesel price to compare the cooling systems.

Electricity price: €/kWh Diesel price: €/ltr.
Eutetic system Carlsen Equivalent air blow system
Purchase Price € 3 230 € 6 225
Year 1 € 522 € 1 333
Year 2 € 456 € 1 112
Year 3 € 399 € 928
Year 4 € 349 € 774
Year 5 € 306 € 645
Year 1 € 55 € 235
Year 2 € 60 € 256
Year 3 € 65 € 256
Year 4 € 71 € 313
Year 5 € 78 € 345
Year 1-5 € 0
Year 1-5 € 0
Total after 5 years
Total cost
Total after 5 years
Residual value


Carlsen Baltic produces one of the lightest bodies in the market. We are always searching for technological solutions which would enable us to decrease weight even more. That gives our customers a possibility to have highest possible payload while using our bodies.

Custom Solutions

Carlsen Baltic product range is not limited by standard products. We are always ready to design and build bodies which fit with every customer's needs no matter how complicated they are. We have a flexible in-house production, wide range of suppliers and, most importantly, open minded attitude to new ideas.


Carlsen Baltic is one of the market leaders. This would not be possible without constant R&D. We are trying to implement the newest technological solutions in every aspect of our product and manufacturing process.


Carlsen Baltic long term experience is trusted by food market leaders like Bofrost, Eismann, Nestle, and Mat på Jobbet. That could be reached by offering not only high quality product, but also high level of aftersales service, including warranty, spare parts and technical support.

Furthermore, all our activities are governed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.