Advantages of Eutectic Refrigeration over Air-Blown Refrigeration

Using eutectic refrigeration has a number of benefits:

Eutectic Refrigeration System Air-blown Refrigeration System
Zero-emission High carbon emissions
Zero-noise operation High level of noise
Low operating cost High operating cost
No fuel or energy required for refrigeration during delivery Runs on vehicle engine or auxiliary engine
No connection to vehicle engine Runs on vehicle engine or auxiliary engine
Maintenance-free High maintenance
Skilled labour not required for maintenance Skilled labour required for maintenance
Merchandise is preserved in case of vehicle failure Vehicle failure may cause product safety issues


Zero-emission and silent operation. Eutectic system does not use diesel, making refrigerated bodies with eutectic cooling an eco-friendly alternative, compatible both with electric trucks and internal combustion engines. Due to zero emissions and an absence of engine noise, such refrigerated trucks are ideal for multi-drop operations, especially in urban areas. 

Low operating cost. Compared to conventional truck refrigeration systems which require an auxiliary engine or power from the main engine to run the compressor, eutectic refrigeration system provides improved fuel economy and more consistent refrigeration performance. The eutectic plates are charged at night on mains power when electricity is most affordable. They store the cold energy and gradually release it in the form of cold air, thus refrigerating the area around. No fuel or energy is required for refrigeration during delivery.

No connection to the vehicle engine. Refrigerated body with eutectic system is completely independent from the chassis, therefore stable temperature is ensured at all times. Once the eutectic plates are charged, they provide a reliable, rapid cooling for a specific duration of time even with frequent door openings. Merchandise is also preserved in case of vehicle failure.

Maintenance-free. Refrigerated bodies with eutectic refrigeration require only very basic maintenance, mainly cleaning, lubricating and taking care of the refrigerant level. Skilled labour is not required for the daily operation and maintenance.


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