3.5T2 All-Electric Truck

E-Transporter eCab
Central lock: 
Electric for better anti-theft protection
Additional information: 
  •  Zero-emission solution
  •  100% electric refrigeration system, which runs on lithium and/or solar batteries
  •  360-degree camera
  •  Automatic rear door
  •  Temperature and battery monitoring system
  •  LED lighting


Find out more about the project and the technology behind it:

Body type: 
Single Temperature
Payload filter: 
Up to 1100 Kg
Temperature Range filter: 
Chilled (0 °C to +5 °C)
Chilled (+5 °C to +12 °C)
Gross weight: 
3,500 kg
Door quantity: 
2-piece swing rear door
Temperature range: 
+4 °C to +6 °C
750 kg