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Refrigerated box bodies and food trailers listed below are available for immediate delivery or on a short notice. 


Sprinter multi-temperature truck for saleMulti-Temp Body 
(ideal for Grocery Home Delivery) 

  • Temperature range: +5 °C, –33 °C, non-controlled
  • GVW: 3,500 kg, body weight: up to 800 kg (incl. subframe)
  • External body dimensions: L3568 х W2060 х H1644 mm
  • Door quantity: 7 doors on the right side
  • Only used as a demo vehicle
  • Without chassis
  • Price: 8 000 € (excl. VAT)

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Sprinter refrigerated truck with Thermo King cooling unit for saleRefrigerated Truck Body (0 °C to +5 °C)

  • Cooling unit: Thermo King V-300 MAX50
  • GVW: 3,500 kg, body weight: 740 kg (incl. cooling unit & subframe)
  • External body dimensions: L3729 x W2171 x H2005 mm
  • Internal volume: 13.7 m3
  • 12-month warranty (valid throughout Europe)
  • Without chassis
  • Price: 9 500 € (excl. VAT)

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Sales Trailer for SaleFully Equipped Sales Trailer

  • 2 sales displays (+2°C to +4°C, suitable for smoked fish, smoked meat, confectionery)
  • Stainless steel equipment & furniture
  • Top-quality axles and Knott coupling
  • Two-axle low-wheel frame (flat floor inside)
  • External body dimensions: L3955 x W2285 x H2235 mm
  • 12-month warranty (valid throughout Europe)
  • Price: 25 900 € (excl. VAT)

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