Fridge Bodies

Fridge bodies are ideal for chilled product distribution.

As an expert of frozen cargo bodies for LCVs, Carlsen is successfully exploring new trends in chilled market. We don’t just develop and produce chilled cargo bodies. We help leading grocery businesses build their competitive advantage. 

Refrigerated truck for grocery distribution
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, WB 3665 mm
Additional information: 
  • Cooling unit: Thermo King V-300 MAX50
  • Body weight: 740 kg (incl. cooling unit & subframe)
  • External body dimensions: L3729 x W2171 x H2005 mm
  • Internal volume: 13.7 m3
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, WB 3665 mm
Back doors: 
with partial opening possibility
Additional information: 
  • 100% electric refrigeration system
  • Lithium system and solar panels
  • Cooling unit: Carrier Pulsor 350 
  • Low GWP refrigerant R452A
  • LED lighting
E-Transporter eCab
Central lock: 
Electric for better anti-theft protection
Additional information: 
  • ​Zero-emission solution
  • 100% electric refrigeration system, which runs on lithium and/or solar batteries
  • 360-degree camera
  • Automatic rear door
  • Temperature and battery monitoring system
  • LED lighting


Find out more about the project and the technology behind it:

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, WB 3665 mm

Product description

  • Customer-tailored solutions
  • Challenge-driven innovation
  • Individual design for each customer
  • Lightweight products
  • Cooling system for carbon-neutral vehicles
  • Other sustainable solutions (incl. low GWP refrigerants, solar panels)


Our fridge bodies with zero-emission all-electric refrigeration units are ideal for inner-city distribution and last-mile deliveries in residential areas.


Some Implemented Projects:

Carlsen Baltic Unveils All-Electric Refrigerated Body for Electric Chassis
All-Electric Refrigeration with Lithium Batteries and Solar Panels

We make working with us simple

We always seek for clarity and simplicity while working with our clients. Over the years of experience in our market we have managed to create a simple but effective process for ordering our isothermal bodies.

  • 1
    Product Enquiry & Evaluation
    After receiving a product enquiry, we evaluate primary information and customer's needs.
  • 2
    Clarifying Information
    We discuss all necessary details and specific requirements with the customer to provide the best possible solution.
  • 3
    Design Drawing, Specification and Offer
    We prepare design drawing, specification and the final proposal.
  • 4
    Contract covering all details including payment and delivery terms is signed between us and the customer.
  • 5
    We start the production. It takes, on average, 7 weeks. It could take longer if the product is highly customized or the customer wants us to take care of the mounting, homologation and ATP.
  • 6
    Customer receives our product ready for use.

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