Versatile Solutions for Temperature-Sensitive Goods

Our multi-temperature solutions offer a flexible and reliable way to transport temperature-sensitive goods, all in one vehicle. From frozen to chilled and ambient, our multi-temperature solutions provide the perfect storage conditions for any type of cargo. With advanced technology and innovative design, Carlsen Baltic's multi-temperature solutions ensure that your goods are always kept at the right temperature, no matter the destination.

Multiple temperatures in one box

Ergonomics is on top of our priorities list, when designing new products.


Carefully chosen materials for high insulation value while maintaining low weight.

Multiple temperatures in one box

Multiple temperature compartments, working from one cooling system. Positive temperature compartments are heated, to keep temperature in negative ambient temperatures.

  • Ergonomics

    Ergonomics is on top of our priorities list, when designing new products.

  • Lightweight

    Carefully chosen materials for high insulation value while maintaining low weight.

  • Multiple temperatures in one box

    Multiple temperature compartments, working from one cooling system. Positive temperature compartments are heated, to keep temperature in negative ambient temperatures.

Key features

Our bodies feature multiple compartments, each equipped with LED lighting and adjustable aluminum shelves. Side doors, placed on both sides of the body, allow easy access to the specific product range and better temperature stability during multi-drop operations. Here are some of the key features:

3.5T10 MultiLite
3.5T / 5T12 MultiLite

External Body Dimensions (L x W x H)

3,611 x 2,020 x 1,682 mm

4,286 x 2,020 x 1,682 mm

Internal Body Dimensions (L x W x H)

3,355 x 1,764 x 1,390 mm

4,030 x 1,764 x 1,390 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

3,500 kg

3,500 kg / 5,000 kg

Body Weight (without additional options)

~780 kg

~950 kg

Payload* (GVW 3,500 kg)

up to 1,000 kg

up to 930 kg

Internal Volume, freeze & chilled compartments

7.4 m3

12 (six on each side)

Internal Volume, dry compartment

0.45 m3

0.45 m3

Quantity of Side Doors (door opening: W 600 x H 1,000 mm)

10 (five on each side)

12 (six on each side)



Support of Operating Temperatures (8−10 h)

Average Time of Pull-down (6−8 h)

Insulation - 125 mm

K Value < 0.24 W/(m2 K)

Additional options

In addition to standard equipment, Carlsen Baltic offers a range of additional options available upon request:

360-degree camera

360˚ around view system captures images simultaneously from all four wide angle cameras mounted in the front, rear, left and right of the vehicle 

Rear view camera

Rear view camera with LCD display makes safe parking and maneuvering in thigh space easier.

Aluminum subframe

Needed with some chassis or in case flat bottom (no arches) is needed.

Transport trolleys

Lightweight trolleys for quick loading and unloading frozen goods through rear doors. Easy access from side doors.


On board diagnostic system for cooling system with diagnostic trouble code reporting to fleet management system.

Box wrapping

We put custom stickers on clean box, just after painting, before final assembling (door handles, profiles, and other accessories). This way the highest wrapping quality is achieved.

Custom color

Box can be painted in any color or matched to chassis color.

Electric central lock

To lock/unlock all doors simultaneously. 2 remote controls and mechanical backup are included.

Years of experience, personal touch and innovation to advance your business

Our multi-temperature solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. From molded fixed shape bodies to active cooling systems, we offer a range of options to fit your requirements.

  • Lightweight body

    Carlsen Baltic produces one of the lightest bodies on the market. We are constantly looking for technical solutions which would enable us to decrease weight even more. That gives our customers possibility to have the highest payload possible.

  • Cooling solutions

    What makes Carlsen Baltic unique is that we design, develop and produce cooling solutions for deep freeze and chilled distribution. By doing so we closely cooperate with our customers to properly identify the needs and business specifics. Thus, our solutions in many cases are specialized by specific customer.

  • Experience and Innovations

    Carlsen Baltic would not be one of the market leaders without constant R&D. We strive to implement the latest technological solutions in every aspect of our product and manufacturing process. 

  • Credibility

    Carlsen Baltic is a PremiumPartner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and a certified VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz. Our products fit MAN, Ford, Iveco, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Goupil and many more chassis available on the market. All our activities are governed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and meet strict quality standards.

Any questions? Check out the FAQ

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and provided clear and concise answers to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

If have more questions. Contact us

  • How long does it take to produce isothermal body?

    It depends on many factors but the average is about 15 weeks from signed order.

  • I couldn't find the product I need in your product gallery and descriptions. Is it worth contacting you with a special request?

    Without any doubt. This is what we are good at: designing and building unique bodies exactly for your needs.

  • What chassis can you build on?

    Carlsen Baltic is a PremiumPartner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and a certified VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz. We also have close cooperation with other chassis manufacturers. We build on Volkswagen Crafter, Volkswagen Transporter, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Iveco Daily, Ford Transit, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, Renault Master, Renault Maxity, Opel Movano, Fiat Ducato, and many other chassis, mainly up to 3.5 tonnes.

    We can also mount our bodies on e-chassis or trailers.

  • Do you deliver your box bodies already mounted on chassis?

    It depends on our agreement. We offer three options:

    We supply only refrigerated bodies;
    We mount (or arrange mounting) refrigerated body on the chassis you have purchased from the dealer of your choice;
    We purchase the chassis, mount Carlsen box body on it and deliver a complete temperature controlled vehicle to you (one stop shop principle).

  • Do your bodies require a lot of maintenance?

    No, our bodies need only basic maintenance: mainly cleaning, lubricating and taking care of refrigerant level.

    How to Clean Door Frames and Lubricate Door Locks (video)
    How to Clean Condenser (video)
    Maintenance Checklist

  • Will I get warranty?

    Of course. Our refrigerated bodies are under 24-month warranty, while our food trucks and trailers are under 12-month warranty valid all over Europe.

  • Are you a dealer of someone else's isothermal bodies?

    No. We design and build isothermal bodies by ourselves in Lithuania.

  • Why do you rarely use air-blown refrigeration system, like Carrier or Thermo King?

    Because the eutectic refrigeration system is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

After-Sale Service: Our Commitment To You

Our after-sales service includes a comprehensive warranty, access to spare parts and technical support to ensure that solution provided to you is always operating at its best.

All our bodies come with a full two-year warranty valid throughout Europe (unless stated otherwise). Every customer can be sure to get after-sales support during the warranty period and when it is over.

The warranty of our products covers any defects or malfunctions that might appear during the two-year period starting from invoice date. Carlsen Baltic will supply replacement components, arrange service directly or through our partners, or cover labour and material expenses free of charge during this period. The warranty does not cover equipment which has been damaged due to an accident, misuse, abuse, fire, flood, natural disasters, or other contingencies beyond the control of Carlsen Baltic.

More information

We supply spare parts for all bodies manufactured by us. We have most of the components in stock and are ready to send them within a few days. Please let us know body number and part number in the Spare Parts Catalog. If the part is not included in the catalog, please provide an accurate description of the part (producer, model, etc.) and, preferably, high-quality photos.

Contact us to order spare parts:
tel.+370 37 407343, email: (Jurgita)

Spare parts catalogue

Carlsen’s bodies require only basic maintenance: mainly cleaning, lubricating, and taking care of refrigerant level.

Maintenance checklist

The doors do not open and close as easily as before? There is a simple solution! Click below for a simple solution!

Watch the video to find out


We strive to ensure the best after-sales to our customers. Below please find simple algorithm of actions:

In unlikely cases when you discover faulty product, or it gets damaged, or you need assistance to operate the cooling system, etc.

Contact Us
Contact us or our partners providing the following information:

– Body number*

– Accurate description of fault, damage, problem.

– Do you need spare parts/service/consultation?

–  If you only need spare parts: part number in Spare Parts Catalog and delivery address

– Your contact details

Our Service Team or Technical Department will offer you the best solution to eliminate the fault.

You will receive appropriate assistance:

– Spare Parts will be sent

– You will be offered to visit our partners to fix the fault

– Our mobile Service Team will come to fix the fault.

We are happy to provide any help to our customers whenever they operate and for this reason we are building network of service partners in our sales markets. Please click below to find the nearest service partner of Carlsen…

Technical support in different countries

We make working with us simple

We always seek for clarity and simplicity while dealing with our clients. Over the years we have built a simple and effective process to handle your requests and your order.


Product Enquiry & Clarification

After receiving your enquiry for a specific product, we will clarify necessary details and requirements with you to provide a solution that best matches your needs.


Ordering Process

We will issue you a written offer which we will ask you to review, correct and sign for acceptance. An offer signed by you initiates technical preparation followed by our procurement activities which, altogether, take 4-10 weeks subject to complexity of your order.



Production process typically averages 3-5 weeks. In rare cases it could take longer primarily subject to complexity of your order and/or disruptions in supply chain. We aim to communicate posible deviations form typical production time.



We take care of the smooth delivery of your order to your desired location.

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